We provide you the advantage of helping you navigate the ever-changing political backdrop on national and state levels.


The principals at Sherpa Public Affairs possess 20+ years of experience of gaining access to the leaders in the highest levels of local, state and federal government. We are experts in the process so we leverage it to your advantage. We frame the discussion so your message prevails with the right decision maker.

Issue advocacy and political campaigns

Gib McKayIf you don’t make dust, you eat it. Our principals execute intricate public affairs campaign strategies on the most complex public policy issues for both candidates and public policy issues.

We have managed and operated some of the biggest issue and candidate campaigns in Arizona, the West and the United States. From presidential politics to one of the biggest private merger’s in the world, Sherpa Public Affairs has the horsepower to get it done.

Crisis communications & media relations

No matter what your issue, we have worked on it before – at the highest levels. Our years and years of building political relationships give us unparalleled media know-how you need to spin your story.

Message development & public affairs

We say everything that needs to be said and not one word more. We are practiced at managing the flow of information between you, the public and decision makers. Our job is to provide your organization the right exposure to the audiences using the methods and topics of public interest and news items that drive the outcome you want.

Public opinion survey

Gib McKayWe don’t guess when we take the pulse of the electorate or market. Hard data drive messages, politicians and the issues that will affect you. We make sure data affects your main decision.

What People Are Saying

Gib is a professional … I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for guidance trying to navigate an issue at the Arizona Legislature or in helping to shape public policy opinions in the broader populace. — Tim Lawless, National Assn. Industrial and Office Properties – AZ., President

Sherpa Public Affairs
Sherpa Public Affairs